Samsung LED Smart TV Infinite Endless Reboot Loop Cycle (1, permasaged)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2019-04-13 13:52 ID:riC5sFZb [Del]

For owners of Samsung LED Smart TV Series 5, 6, 7, 8 (Model with prefixes UN, UE, UA - D, E, ES, F etc) that were produced sometime between 2000 till date, and are facing repeated endless reboot, restart, loop cycles - below are some possible solutions that can be applied.

Problem #1: Unable to Connect On Internet via WIFI Network on TV

Solution: If you are able to switch on your TV, but unable to connect on the internet via your network on the Samsung LED Smart TV, change your DNS address manually using this openDNS address: While this may be a temporary solution, at least you will be able to stream your Netflix media.

Problem #2: WIFI searching but NO Connectivity / WIFI MAC: FAIL

1) Turn TV off
2) On your remote control, push INFO > MENU > MUTE > POWER or MUTE > 1 > 8 > 2 > POWER
3) Service Menu should now show up on your TV screen
5) Return back to : SVC > SVC RESET

Your TV will restart, and you will need to reconfig the settings as if this was a brand new set. You should be able to connect to the internet now like before.

NOTE: You may have to upgrade your firmware, and if the problem occurs again with the network WIFI connectivity failing, you can repeat the above steps to ensure your WIFI Region A is set.

Due to the network-capabilities of these newer Samsung LED Smart TVs, and vulnerabilities in Samsung's firmware updates - potential attackers are able to execute attacks via LAN, causing these TV panels to restart / reboot in an endless loop. Exploits to these networks WIFI MAC address, these control packets can be sent from any network-enabled computer remotely.

If your TV is still exhibiting these ON / OFF problems, after applying the above solutions, chances are your TV is :

A) Hardware components failing eg. bad, burnt capacitors
B) Wiring issues / damages eg. LVDS cables

Good Luck!

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